Tattoos As a Form of Art

There is no argument that tattoos have become very prevalent in our society. Many people have ink on their skin for many different reasons. Some to commemorate lost loved ones or pets. Others may go through the tattoo process to highlight an important event or pay tribute to something. Others may just like to express themselves through colorful markings on their body. Whatever the reason, tattoos have now become more of an artful way of expression now more than ever.

Body writing dates back many years ago. Explorers first encountered this body art on the tribes of the different islands of the Pacific in the 1700s. There are even records showing that tattoos have been around since the great pharaohs of Egypt were at their high points in history. The tribes called these markings, “tatau”. It sounds similar to what we call them today.

As more explorers encountered these tribes with body markings, the form of body art then started to assimilate back to the Europeans. Sailors were among the very first to receive tattoos and many other individuals followed. Body art then became apart of the European culture. It eventually was brought to the American culture and has been a part of it ever since.

At first, tattoos received a bad rap. If you had tattoos you were considered to be a hardened, criminal type of individual or any other stereotypical label you can think of to associate with tattooed individuals. As time went on, society has become more and more accepting of tattoos since more and more individuals have them. They are also brought to light by many professional athletes, actors, political figures and professionals alike.

It can be concluded that tattoos of a unique way to express our likes and or dislikes by showing them off on our skin. The argument has also come up as to if tattoos can be considered an art form. The simple answer is: absolutely.

There are many reasons to consider tattoos a form of art. The process of attaining a tattoo depending on the size can take hours if not days. This is because of the amount of detail and effort the tattooist puts in. Did I also mention another name for tattooist is a tattoo artist? These tattoo artists are either creating your tattoo from scratch or tracing a design onto your body canvas in explicit detail. All artists encompass different styles and skill levels as well. No tattoo will be the same – things to know about the meaning for tattoo designs.

To continue with the argument as to why tattoos are considered art, it should be taken into account that art can be viewed by different individuals to have different meanings. The art is open to an individual’s interpretation. Tattoos are the same way. A heart tattoo on one individual can mean something completely different to another. It is one of the greatest forms of self-expression.

There should be no reason why tattoos shouldn’t be considered an art form. Each tattoo is a unique masterpiece that an individual gets to keep for the rest of their life. The amount of time and effort an artist puts in on tattoos alone would win the argument. There is no question that tattoos are now the preferred modern art mechanism of our time and they should be celebrated as art rather than criticized.